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Emergency Loans

It’s never a good time for anyone when a need for emergency loans arise. Often the lifeline for sudden financial trauma or urgent needs, an emergency loan can bring immediate credit or cash flow.

Not all emergency cash loans are made equal, however, and a tempting loan that promises money within the hour should still be verified. Sacrificing your good credit score – or worse, your personal information – for emergency loans should always be avoided.

Here are notes on ensuring you’re transacting with a legitimate emergency loan provider.

Can I get an emergency loan if I am unemployed?

There are credit providers that cater specifically to urgent bad credit loans and unsecured small emergency loans. If you need a loan ASAP, we suggest taking a quick moment to look up the following information about your chosen credit provider.

  • Will my chosen credit provider perform a credit check for my application?
  • Can I contact my chosen provider through a registered phone number?
  • Does my chosen credit provider have a bank transfer option for my emergency cash loans?
  • Can I find my chosen credit provider on the ASIC public database?

If you answered no to at least two of the four questions or answered no to the last question specifically, we strongly caution you to reconsider applying for an emergency loan with the said credit provider. These questions point out key signs that a credit provider is not licenced or registered and may be offering emergency loans under false pretences.

SocietyOne is licenced and registered as SocietyOne Australia Pty Ltd (ACN 151 627 977) under the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) registry.

Is it possible to get loans by phone?

There are credit providers that accept applications for emergency loans through phone calls. In the age of internet connectivity, consider applying through a mobile loan app instead.

The SocietyOne mobile app is secured by an authentication feature that requires your login credentials before accessing your account. Consider downloading the SocietyOne mobile app – it carries the same features as our website.

We also have a Credit Score tool that allows you to pull up your credit score previews through our partnership with the Experian database. Have your driver’s licence on hand, as we’ll need to verify your identity before we can provide insight into your credit score.

If a poor credit score is keeping you away from emergency loans, the Credit Score Club may help point out the problem areas in your credit rating. It is a free membership service we offer to all registered users, and it gives unlimited access to hundreds of insights into improving your credit score.

Take advantage of this obligation-free service. Interested users aren’t required to have ongoing emergency cash loans or applications with us to register or join.

Convenience and easy access wherever you go

Another benefit to mobile apps is their portability. Many banking and credit mobile apps are lightweight, taking up a small portion of a mobile phone’s data storage. Because they’re designed for portability, they can be accessed easily wherever there is a stable internet connection.

The SocietyOne mobile app is verified for both iOS and Android operating systems. So bring the SocietyOne world with you wherever you go.

What is the average interest rate for emergency loans?

The average interest rate on emergency cash loans depends on the type of loan and the type of lender.

Rather than focusing only on the average interest rates for emergency loans, it’s a better practice to take note of the overall emergency loan offer and how each factor affects your credit management.

Our personal loans repayment calculator estimates not only your interest rate for the total loan but also includes any one-time fees or charges that come with your loan agreement. We believe in being transparent with what our loans entail – on top of the calculator, we also disclose the penalties you incur for missed repayments and the details on our borrowing rates.

Get fair and flexible personal loans with SocietyOne.

We at SocietyOne have been providing acclaimed credit solutions to thousands of clients in Australia since we opened our books in 2012. From emergency loans to debt consolidation to personal credit products like loans for students and holiday loans, SocietyOne has developed effective and efficient credit lines that reward good credit with good loan deals.

Our credit products are great choices for secured or unsecured loans for renovations, green loans, and other asset improvement projects. And if you’re looking into getting a new personal vehicle? We have unsecured and secured loan options as well.

The minimum loanable amount starts at $5,000 for both loan types, with a maximum of $50,000 for unsecured loans and $70,000 for secured loans. Loan terms are available in two-, three-, and five-year durations, plus a seven-year option for secured loans.

SocietyOne has also expanded into consumer lending investment, giving interested clients the opportunity to invest in loans and earn through credit.

Seize the future with robust credit solutions from SocietyOne. Check your rate with us today!


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