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Consumer lending is an asset class that has been traditionally controlled by the banks and is amongst the most profitable parts of their retail lending operations.


SocietyOne Personal Loans Unit Trust

Our Personal Loans Unit Trust gives wholesale investors the opportunity to earn a target return (net of fees and costs but before tax) of 4-6% p.a. from a portfolio of prime fixed rate personal loans originated by SocietyOne and other entities owned by MoneyMe Limited. Interest is credited monthly.

Our creditworthy customers are digitally savvy. Our simple application process and competitive pricing are key to our success in driving consistent loan origination growth. Through our diligent management of loans we can maximise returns to investors.


Proven Asset Class

We target bank grade prime borrowers with the individual interest rate determined by their personal circumstances. Our customers borrow an average of $20,000 per loan, based on loan terms of 2, 3, 5 or 7 years.



Whilst we recommend investors treat their investment in a personal loan portfolio with a 3-7 year time horizon, the trust will offer liquidity (subject to certain conditions) for investors who hold their investments beyond 12 months.


Managed for return smoothing

The target return (net of fees and costs but before tax) for the loan portfolio is 4-6% p.a.

The Trust structure includes a reserve fund to smooth returns during periods of volatility as the loan portfolio grows and the default and arrears profile matures. The reserve fund mechanism also allows investors to earn higher returns should the Trust outperform the target return.


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Key Facts

TrusteeSocietyOne Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 44 151 627 977) as an authorised representative of its related entity SocietyOne Management Pty Limited which holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (No. 477365). SocietyOne Australia Pty Ltd also holds an Australian Credit Licence (No 423660)
Reserve ManagerSocietyOne Investments Pty Ltd (ABN 89 613 666 765)
Asset ClassAlternative fixed income
Base Fee and ExpensesA 2.25% p.a. receivables management fee including for loan origination and servicing. Expenses will be recovered from the Trust at cost
Reserve LevelThe Trust is designed to offer Investors in the Trust a stable and consistent income stream. To achieve this, returns above a monthly crediting rate are paid into a Reserve Account and these may be rebated to the Trust during later periods to help maintain a consistent return.
Offering DocumentInformation Memorandum
Investor ClassWholesale investors as defined in the Corporations Act
Minimum Application$100,000
ApplicationsMonthly allotment of Units
DistributionMonthly return of interest from the loan investments (and reinvestment of loan principal)
RedemptionsQuarterly with one month to process (following a 12 month initial investment period), subject to available liquidity
Unit PricingValue of $1.00 at issuance; thereafter targeted value of $1.00 with a monthly valuation date
Recommended Investment TimeframeA medium to long term investment of 3 to 7 years
Target Investment Return4-6% per annum, after fees, costs and losses but before taxes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Register your interest in investing at our registration page. After a quick identity check, we'll provide you with a link to an application form to complete and the Information Memorandum.

During the application process, we'll ask you to upload a wholesale investor certificate from your accountant and a copy of a statement for the bank account to which you direct us to pay distributions.

On receipt of the forms, we'll provide you with direct deposit details so you can fund your investment.

Currently only wholesale clients can invest through SocietyOne. Find out more about wholesale clients. Please note that wholesale clients includes individuals who meet the requirement. Over 90% of current investors on the SocietyOne platform are individuals/SMSFs.

For personal loans, investors own units in the Trust and the Trust invests in loans which are approved in accordance with our credit assessment criteria. Investors have no direct interest (legal or beneficial) in the individual loans.

For livestock loans you receive an equitable interest in the loan which entitles you to receive the interest and capital repayments for the proportion of the loan you have funded. More detailed investor information on our personal and livestock loan products can be found here.

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