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Last Minute Loans

Are you considering last minute loans? Sometimes life throws us a curveball that demands immediate solutions as quickly as possible. Deciding to get a loan fast is an adult responsibility, and we want to make sure we’re trusting a financial platform that understands the urgency of our situation.

There are many financing options available. There are the traditional bank loans, but the rigorous demands of the application process can be daunting for many, not to mention time-consuming. Storefront lenders are another option, but undisclosed charges and fees may end up being more costly than they’re worth. When you need cash loans fast, you want a reliable credit provider.

Here’s why SocietyOne – an online lending platform that’s part of the ASX-listed MONEYME Group – is the best option for fast cash loans.

How do last minute loans work?

When it comes to last minute loans, the fastest approvals reign supreme. Many are drawn to fast loans since it’s now possible for the borrower to get the money within the hour. This is why 60-minute loans or even 5-minute loans have been gaining traction within the lending market; there is a strong demand for cheap loans with quick approval turnouts.

Cash emergencies often lead borrowers to search for online lenders or platforms with fast weekend cash loans. Depending on the emergency, some may jump at the chance to borrow from lenders with high-interest rates, or miss the fine print on hidden fees and charges.

At SocietyOne, our loan terms and rates are disclosed to you upfront. Whether it’s through our online application form or through the official SocietyOne app, we make your repayment obligations clear from the start. It doesn’t compromise our application process either; your last minute loans could be approved within one business day.

There’s a certain stigma surrounding loans of any kind, with the prevailing idea being that they’re bad for your finances, regardless of the loan type. This isn’t an accurate judgment because loans can improve your credit score by providing creditors with a consistent credit history of paying on time. Always consider both your borrowing and repaying capacity when applying for last minute payday loans.

If you’re hesitant to apply for last minute loans because of your credit score despite your urgent needs, we encourage you to sign up for membership to SocietyOne’s Credit Score Club.

The Credit Score Club is a credit resource we offer, free of charge, to any interested borrowers. You’re not obligated to take on a loan when you join, which means you can track your credit history progress as many times as you deem necessary. Club membership also gives you unlimited access to exclusive resources and credit insights that’ll help you get your score back on track.

We recommend taking advantage of the Credit Score Club, even if you don’t plan on getting a loan right away. You never know when it might come in handy.

Can I apply for a 60-minute loan online?

At SocietyOne, there are four basic requirements across all financial products, including last minute loans. If you need a cash loan in minutes, these are general eligibility criteria for applying:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident of the country.
  • Your annual earnings must be over $30,000 from employment.
  • Good credit history is greatly preferred.

There are additional requirements for all types of secured loans and some unsecured loans. Depending on the type of loan you’re interested in, our team may request additional information or documents (such as day-to-day expenses or any existing debts) to help personalise the loan terms for you.

How much can I borrow on instant loans?

The ceiling limit at SocietyOne is $50,000 for unsecured loans and $70,000 for secured loans, and a minimum loan amount of $5,000 for both. If you’re looking for a fast cash loan in amounts that fall somewhere in between the two figures, you can use our personal loan repayment calculator to determine the loan amount that’s comfortable for you.

Loan terms last for two years minimum and can be as long as five years for unsecured loans, and seven years for secured loans. Because our last minute loans have fixed interest rates and don’t require monthly or early repayment fees, you could feasibly pay off your loan in advance and finish your repayments ahead of schedule.

You can depend on SocietyOne for last minute loans

SocietyOne has been a trusted financial platform for thousands of Australians since we opened our books in 2012. With our beginnings as an online start-up, we’ve evolved into an industry leader in providing credit services – and we’re only getting better every year.

Our experience in offering financial services and solutions to cash gaps has helped us refine the way we cater to our clients. Whether it’s a bike loan, wedding loan, or holiday loan you’re looking for, we have a finance product that capably addresses the need. Our comprehensive loan consolidation is also a great way to manage your existing loan obligations, so you can save on multiple interest rates by focusing on only one.

We care about what you think of our services, too. Our customer support is more than happy to answer any questions; don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through email ( or call our friendly team.

Loans don’t have to be unbearable. With SocietyOne, the better your credit score, the better the loan terms – and even if your score isn’t the healthiest, we can still offer competitive rates compared to traditional banks. Don’t wait for your cash problems to turn for the worse. Address them today with SocietyOne last minute loans.


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