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How do I grant consent for Westpac to share my data and manage that consent?

To start sharing data, you need to contact the organisation you wish to share your data with.

Accredited data recipients (ADRs) have a digital portal (usually in the ADR's app). From this portal you need to:

  • select the accounts and data you wish to share and
  • consent to sharing this data with the ADR.

Once you have granted your consent to the ADR, you will be connected to SocietyOne, where we will ask you to authorise us and Westpac to share your data with the ADR. We can only share your data if you have provided this consent.

It is entirely your choice to share your banking data with other organisations. In the SocietyOne app, there is an open banking dashboard which shows the data you've shared and who you've shared it with (including any previous consents that have expired, been revoked or cancelled).

You can always change your mind and, through the open banking dashboard, manage your shared data.