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Cash Loans

When it comes to cash loans, deciding on a lending platform that you can trust can be as difficult as deciding exactly how much you can loan responsibly.

Many credit providers today offer short-term cash loans through online platforms like websites and mobile apps. These providers and their offerings are drawing borrowers in droves because of how easy it is to apply and get approved for a small loan, unlike with storefront loan shops and banks.

But which ones can you trust with your loan? What if your credit score isn’t ideal?

Let’s talk options.

Which apps offer instant cash loans?

SocietyOne's mobile app is a secure way to apply online for a loan and is available on iOS and Android. Registered members can use the app to view their loan balances, request a loan statement, make extra repayments, and request a payout figure for a prospective loan.

With the app, applying for instant same-day cash loans is now made easier and more convenient.

Can I get cash loans without a credit check?

While there are credit facilities that offer guaranteed cash loans without performing credit checks, they may be negatively affecting your credit history indirectly – even if it’s for small cash loans like a same-day cash advance.

Here’s a brief overview of how credit checks work.

A credit check or credit investigation is a process that reviews your borrowing history with legally recognised credit providers. Banks, lending platforms, and credit agencies perform these investigations every time a prospective client applies for products like money cash loans or new credit cards. Credit reporting bodies (like Experian, SocietyOne’s credit reporting partner) collect information from providers and small claims tribunals to create a comprehensive credit report.

Your credit score is assigned based on this report, and both the score and the report are available by request, usually for a nominal fee or for free once annually.

Why credit checks are good for your data security

Simply put, credit checks are a good way of determining cases of credit card fraud, identity theft, or other malicious acts by known or unknown third parties. Despite their seemingly negative connotations, a credit check is actually a practical financial management tool.

While lending platforms and professionals initiate this process most often, credit checks can also be done by any individual interested in learning about their credit history, especially when there’s reason to suspect their personal information has been compromised.

With the prevalence of phishing attacks disguised as cash loans, it may be prudent to request a credit history report regularly.

Stay updated with SocietyOne’s Credit Score Club

SocietyOne wants to help our clients in every way that we can. This includes incentivising healthy credit practices through competitive cash lending terms. In addition to offering more attractive loan rates to borrowers with strong credit scores, we also provide a free credit review service through the Credit Score Tool on our website.

You may also join our Credit Score Club, where you get exclusive access to guides on improving your credit score and making informed financial decisions. If you’ve been rejected for cash loans despite having no outstanding loans or debts, the Credit Score Club is a great tool in helping you identify problem areas in your history and how to address them.

The club is a free service offered to all registered members. Through the service, members gain unlimited access to insights and resources designed to help them get their scores back on track. With a few clicks, you can be part of this exclusive club too.

A healthy credit score doesn’t just improve your rate estimates for small cash loans. They also open up bigger lifetime opportunities for you, such as better housing options, business credit, and similarly life-changing ventures. You’re not obligated to apply for any cash loan services when you join, so you can track your score’s improvement as often as you feel necessary.

It only takes one small step to get started.

How long do online cash loans usually take?

At SocietyOne, cash loan applications can take as little as a few minutes from application to approval and loan disbursement.

This is good news, especially for those with urgent cash loans. Our rates are personalised based on your credit score and history – this way, we’re able to offer faster and fairer loan deals than you’d get from a traditional bank loan.

Apply for cash loans in five minutes and once approved, have the funds in your account as soon as one business day. This turnaround time is for both secured and unsecured loan types, so you can rest assured that we’ll have our answer to your application sooner rather than later, regardless of loan type.

Types of loans available at SocietyOne

What is a secured loan, and how does it compare to an unsecured one?

A secured loan requires a pledged asset (collateral) as a form of security should the borrower default on their repayment obligations. Personal loans with guarantor requirements are a type of secured loan. Meanwhile, an unsecured car loan doesn’t require collateral as a prerequisite for loan approval.

When you’re looking up options for cash loans in Sydney, Melbourne cash loans, or any Australia-based cash loans, include SocietyOne among your options. Each loan type has its own advantages, so choose the one that’s ideal for you and your needs.

SocietyOne is your partner for credit solutions

Our lending platform is part of the ASX-listed MONEYME Group, and we offer credit products and services that have helped thousands of clients improve their quality of life. We’re not just unsecured cash loans; our featured products include loan consolidation, green loans, and options to invest in loans that help you earn interest through credit.

SocietyOne’s credit solutions set the standards with highly robust offerings, such as low personal loan rates and flexible repayment plans. Apply for a credit product with us today.


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