Solo Travel Tips & Advice

Start planning your big solo trip with our tips for traveling abroad alone!
Solo Travel Tips & Advice

Looking for solo travel tips? You may be asking yourself right now, "Should I travel alone? What will I get out of it?" Maybe it isn't the right time, or your job is taking precedence. Planning a round-the-world trip can be daunting when you don't know how to start. Find tips and advice for how to go travelling alone below.

There are a million reasons why you should travel alone, if not only to expand your horizons. There's no set template for how traveling alone changes you, but traveling alone can be an enriching experience that changes the course of your life. There's lots to think about, from daily budgeting in a range of currencies to where you'll stay when you get there - wherever you decide to go!

Read on to discover how to travel alone for the first time from our guide of handy travel tips. Start planning your big solo trip with our tips for traveling abroad alone, from how to travel solo as a woman to how to stay safe when traveling alone.

Before Jetting Off..

  • Choose your destination - the world is your oyster! Create a travel vision board in your room, visualise your trip on Pinterest, or research a region to see where you can travel between easily
  • Set up a savings goal for yourself and achieve it. Find out how a SocietyOne personal loan can help with your travel plans here.
  • Learn a bit of the local language. Make the effort to learn a few words and phrases before you leave so you can start a basic conversation, order a beer or how to say please and thank you while you're away.
  • Look into the best time to visit your chosen destination, and the cheapest times. You can save a lot on accommodation and flights during quieter shoulder seasons.
  • Pack light! Always thought of but not often practiced, packing only what you need will save you energy on your travels. If it's a given that you'll be traveling from place to place, make sure you don't have to carry suitcases around.
  • Drop some pins in your chosen city. Check out your destination on Google Maps and drop some pins to add favourite destinations. Fill yours up with local attractions and things to do, so you'll have a better idea of where things are when you arrive.

Saving and Budgeting

  • Spend some time budgeting and work out a savings plan before you head off on your adventure. 
  • Avoid using credit cards and reassess your finances. Look into little ways you can save here and there, for example walking to work instead of catching the train, or packing your lunch instead of eating out. 

Staying Safe

  • One of the best ways to stay safe when you're traveling alone is to stay under the radar. Dress low-key and avoid any overtly expensive accessories.
  • Don't flash your cash! Keep what you have under wraps.
  • Keep your cards in different spots or bags. That way if you do lose your money or get it stolen, the thieves won't have everything.
  • Is solo travel safe where you're headed? Do your research before you get there. Familiarise yourself with the areas you will be staying in, or visiting, and check out overseas travel tips and advice from other travellers on travel forums and sites.
  • Trust your gut. If it doesn't feel right, leave.
  • Be withholding. Introduce yourself with your first name only, and be careful who you trust. 
  • If you're a woman, look into how to travel alone safely as a woman in your chosen city, especially if you're planning on going out at night.
  • Stay sober. Keep your wits about you and don't go to a second location unless you trust the situation and the people you are with.
  • Know your options. Know where you are going and how to get back to where you are staying.

Getting Around

  • Walk around! Get a full picture of the city you are visiting by simply taking a walk.
  • Look into travel options in your chosen destination. Will you be getting around by public transport, walking or renting a car? Some cities are small enough to walk around, while others you will need some kind of transport if you want to see the sights. 

Money Saving Tips

  • Don't feel bad about staying in and catching up on some Netflix. Don't exhaust yourself! Take some nights to just relax in the hostel.
  • Cook at your accommodation. Eating out at restaurants every night can start to take its toll on your budget. Cook something simple up at your hostel or Airbnb apartment to save cash and even try some of the local cuisine.
  • Look into all the free attractions in your chosen destination. Lots of art galleries, museums and temples are free to explore. 
  • Discover natural attractions in the area. Take a hike up a mountain and watch the sunset, or spend the day at a beautiful beach you've never been to before.

Travel Insurance Tips and Advice: Is Travel Insurance Worth It?

  • Travel insurance may cover you if you hurt yourself on your trip and need to spend on medical expenses, or you need to recoup a financial loss or loss of property.
  • Find the right policy for your trip. Choose from single and multi-trip options, or extended policies for longer trips.
  • Compare travel insurance options before you go to find the cheapest option for your needs.

Advice for Solo Female Travellers

  • One of the best tips for traveling alone as a woman is to be aware of your surroundings. Stay switched on and follow your gut instincts.
  • Carry a personal safety alarm and keep it on you. 
  • Take a self-defence class before you go. Not only will you enjoy getting active, you'll feel more confident in a sticky situation on the road.
  • Keep your bag padlocked. Keep your valuables locked inside in a safe or on your person. 
  • Be friendly, but not too trusting. Use your best judgement with new people you meet, and don't take everything they say as gospel.

Eating & Dining Out

  • Make it an experience. Research the best places to eat in your chosen destination and go to that place specifically for the food.
  • Eat at the bar, or a table with more seating. This way you'll be mixing with locals in minutes.
  • Take a book. A classic traveling alone signal, a book is a great distraction for you as well as being an interesting talking point for other travellers and locals.

Staving Off Loneliness

  • Not sure what to do when traveling alone? Think about your personality. Are you a social person, or more of an introvert? Either way, head to a cafe for great people watching and chit chat opportunities. 
  • Become a regular. Chat with the staff at your local bar, restaurant or cafe to make some new friends.
  • Use social media! Add friends you've met along the way, invite locals for a drink or two. You can also use social media to look up local events you're interested in around the area.

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