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Best Quick Loans Australia

When searching for the best quick loans Australia, what do you look for?

For some, the criteria will boil down to convenience – they want loans where they can apply for loans to go through the internet. Others prioritise speed; the quicker the application process and approval, the better. For others, they prefer safe loans online, and a credit provider that’s licenced or regulated (or both) is far more attractive than zero interest or waived late payment fees.

SocietyOne is one of the best small loan companies and meets all of these criteria easily. We’ve been offering award-winning personal loans since 2012, which means we have some valuable insight on spotting good loan deals.

Here are some tips on spotting the best quick loans Australia and how to get a quick loan easily.

What are the best quick loans Australia to get?

When it comes to quick easy online loans, it depends on what your loan amounts are for.

There are two types of online easy loan options common in the lending market: secured loans and unsecured loans. The key difference between the two is the collateral requirement.

Unsecured loans, like an unsecured car loan, don’t require a pledged asset.

They are the most popular types of fast loans online because they don’t demand collateral, making them ideal for first-time borrowers. At SocietyOne, the loan floor for unsecured loans is $5,000 for a minimum of two years, while the loan ceiling is $50,000 for a maximum term of five years. Three-year terms are also available. If you need an easy quick loan, unsecured loan options are among the best quick loans Australia for you.

But what is a secured loan?

For secured loans (guarantor personal loans and green loans are two examples), an asset is required for loan approval, as the asset’s value is used as fund security. This typically leads to more competitive rates or more favourable loan terms for the borrower. While the loan floor for secured loans is the same as unsecured ones, the loan ceiling for secured loans is $70,000, payable for up to seven years. There are also three-year and five-year term options. They’re the best quick loans Australia if you prefer more competitive loan rates and terms.

What do lenders check when applying for instant cash loans?

Each lending platform or credit provider has its eligibility criteria for fast and easy loans, with most of the requirements dictated by existing regulations and laws. At SocietyOne, these criteria are the following:

  • At least eighteen years old at the time of application
  • An Australian citizen or permanent resident (documents may be requested)
  • Must be earning at least $30,000 per annum (documents may be requested)
  • Preferably with a good credit history or score

Depending on the credit product you intend to apply for, additional requirements may also be requested by our processing team. These include documentation of asset ownership for collateral or records of existing debts, loans, or other liabilities.

We request these documents for loan term purposes – they help us further personalise loan terms or interest rates so that we can offer a fairer and quicker deal than what a traditional bank might.

If you have any questions about qualifying for the best quick loans Australia, don’t hesitate to email us at or call us at either 1300 144 221 or 02 8397 9700 (available from Mondays to Fridays, 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. AEDT).

Why do loan applications get rejected?

One key reason for loan rejection is poor credit scores. Your credit score and history give credit providers and lending platforms insight into your borrowing habits and credit management. Poor credit scores may be keeping you from qualifying for the best quick loans Australia.

Any outstanding credit loans or defaulted debts will reflect in a credit history report and will negatively affect your rating if you have such liabilities. Many credit providers prefer lending to borrowers with good credit ratings because it helps them continue to invest in loans – allowing more freedom and diversity for the credit products they can offer.

If you’re worried about your credit score affecting your credit opportunities, SocietyOne’s Credit Score tool may helpful. It allows you to get your credit score for free as well as track it in real-time to see how your credit is improving. This service is in partnership with Experian, one of the three official credit reporting agencies in the country. You may request a free annual credit report from their database through us.

We also have a club that any registered SocietyOne customer can join. Through this service, we offer unlimited access to insightful credit resources that will help you get your credit back on track. You’re not obligated to apply for a loan with us just to join, so you should take advantage of the wealth of information this club has to offer.

It’s never too early to keep track of your credit rating.

We bring personal loans to you

SocietyOne is a trusted credit provider for online loaning products and services – we have some of the best quick loans Australia that you’ll find. We’ve helped thousands of clients address cash flow interruptions and raise their standards of living through robust credit offerings. From debt consolidation to credit investment, our diverse products aim to help borrowers take advantage of the opportunities that credit affords. Good credit should get good deals – that’s why SocietyOne is committed to offering personalised loans to our borrowers.

Sometimes all we need is an extra boost in finances to help us reach the goals we’ve been working tirelessly to achieve. Seize your moment – apply for a personal loan with us today.


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