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Personal Loans Melbourne

When it comes to personal loans Melbourne, we want the best that the lending market has to offer. But everyone’s metrics for what counts as ‘best’ differs – one person’s ideal loan could very well be another’s financial nightmare. Are there any generally agreed-upon criteria for what counts as a ‘good’ loan?

Surprisingly, yes. Here are some advantages to online personal loans and what they mean for you as a borrower.

Are online personal loans in Melbourne more affordable than bank rates?

Affordable isn’t the word we’d use for online lending loans, but generally – yes.

Online personal loans Melbourne have fewer requirements than bank loans do, which is why they’re more accessible and attractive to borrowers.

This does make personal loan products more affordable to an extent, in that valuable resources like time and personal convenience are not exhausted when you apply for a loan.

Because of the flexibility in aspects like the principal loan amounts, loan terms, or interest rates, borrowers who require comparatively smaller loans from bank loans can comfortably accommodate the consequent credit responsibilities of such credit products.

The SocietyOne secured and unsecured loans are not just more accessible than most personal loans Melbourne, but also have more competitive rates compared to loans from major financing and credit lenders. You can view a p.a comparison rate on Melbourne loans through our personal loans repayment calculator and easily determine how a SocietyOne loan term compares with other personal bank loans.

Our applications take only a few minutes to complete, and once you’ve sent them through, we could have a personalised loan offer ready in as little as one business day.

What is the maximum term for a personal loan?

Loan companies each have their unique terms and catalogues of credit products or services. Some lenders prefer to centre their credit products on short-term personal loans Melbourne, like payday advances, while others prefer long-term loans or high-risk secured credit.

SocietyOne focuses on personal loans. We offer two types of personal loans to our clients: secured loans, which require collateral, and unsecured loans, which do not.

Regarding loanable amounts, unsecured personal loans have a loan floor of $5,000 and a ceiling of $50,000. Loan terms come in two-, three-, and five-year durations. This type of loan is ideal for first-time borrowers or borrowers looking for personal loans Melbourne with relatively lowered risk.

Meanwhile, secured loans are for more hefty loan commitments. Because of the asset security requirement, SocietyOne secured loans have a higher loan ceiling of $70,000, with a seven-year term duration available to give interested borrowers more options for flexible personal loans.

Applying for a SocietyOne online personal loan

General criteria for eligibility for personal loans Melbourne are that the borrower must be at least 18 years old, a citizen or permanent resident of the country, and earning at least $30,000 annually. Borrowers with strong credit profiles are offered an incentive – the stronger the credit score, the lower the prospective loan rates.

What fees and charges should I be mindful of when applying for personal loans?

There are credit providers who spring additional fees and charges on their loans to make up for a low-interest rate offer. Some lenders charge for both early and late payments, while others charge for premium customer support. Others simply don’t disclose or explain in detail the additional charges on their credit products, which can sour the lending experience for many.

That’s not how we do credit at SocietyOne.

As an award-winning credit provider recognised for excellent credit products and services, we take care of our clients and their interests. Part of that care is making sure our clients get the best deals we can offer them, whether it’s competitive rates on personal online loans or options to invest in loans through consumer lending.

We don’t require any early repayment, monthly, or exit fees for personal loans Melbourne. What we disclose in a loan agreement is what our borrowers are obligated to repay. Critical parts of the fine print are readily available on our website for perusal, so even if you’re just browsing for options, you’re well-informed on how our loans work.

If you have any questions about the eligibility criteria or the application process, our customer support is more than happy to help out. Get in touch with us through email at or through phone call at either 1300 144 221 or 02 8397 9700. We’re active Mondays to Fridays, 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. AEDT.

Get your credit score back on track with the Credit Score Club

Applying for loans – whether it’s for debt consolidation or personal use, like green loans or holiday loans – is a commitment. Getting approved for loans is also a serious undertaking that may take others by surprise when they’re rejected.

If you’re having trouble with your applications for personal loans Melbourne, the answer may be in your credit score.

The SocietyOne Credit Score Club is a membership service we offer for free on our platform. The club gives members limitless access to powerful resources and insights designed for efficient financial management. The Club is also obligation-free, meaning you don’t need to have any ongoing personal loans Melbourne or applications to join.

If you’re unsure of your credit score, you can also take advantage of the credit score previews on our platform. We’ve partnered with Experian, an official credit reporting agency, to provide you with insights into your credit score.

With good credit comes better advantages for life-changing opportunities, like better housing or commercial lending options.

Bolster your finances with a little help from us. Apply for your first SocietyOne personal loan offer today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the common eligibility criteria for personal loans?

When diving into the intricate and fast-paced world of personal loans, understanding eligibility criteria is a must.
Whether you’ve spent just a few minutes or perhaps a couple of hours searching for what kinds of personal loans Melbourne has to offer, keep in mind that lenders, like banks, generally examine multiple factors for eligibility. This includes your credit and history, income, and even your debt-to-income ratio.
However, it’s important to remember that the minimum eligibility requirements would vary from one lender to the next. To give you a better idea, we at SocietyOne pride ourselves on having straightforward criteria for aspiring borrowers.
Here, you simply have to make sure that you are someone who:

  • is of legal age (at least eighteen years old) during application submission;
  • is an Australian citizen or permanent resident;
  • has a good credit standing; and
  • earns more than $30,000 every year.

If you tick all these basic points, then you can begin applying for a personal loan at SocietyOne.
While it’s often true that the higher your credit score is, the lower your interest rate can be and the higher your borrowing amount can be, rest assured that the team at SocietyOne take a number of factors into account when reviewing your personal loan request and providing you with a rate.
Apart from providing straightforward personal loans Melbourne locals can apply for, we also genuinely want to give you access to information about your credit score and what you can do to improve or maintain it. SocietyOne is part of the MONEYME Group and has a free credit score tool available by simply downloading the app.
Go to the MONEYME app on the app store, and you can check your credit score as many times as you like without impacting your score in any way. Better still, there’s information, tips, and tricks to help you understand more about the world of finance and what you can do to improve your score even more.
At Society One, we believe that empowerment begins with knowledge. Being aware of these requirements and criteria will help Aussies, whether they’re from Melbourne or beyond, navigate their loan journey with the utmost confidence.

Is it possible to refinance a personal loan in Melbourne?

When it comes to searching for personal loans Melbourne-wide or maybe assessing what personal loans Sydney has to offer or the types of personal loans Brisbane has in store, take note that refinancing or debt consolidation will typically be an option for most lenders. Plus, some options for debt consolidation allow you the flexibility to use them on a lot more, so don’t be afraid to dream big or think about what you want.

Refinancing a loan

This is when a borrower has taken out a personal loan and is in the process of paying it off. However, they find a new and more favourable option they could use to settle the previous personal loan fully. The focus here is getting more suitable rates that could help save funds or even getting more suitable terms and conditions for comfortable financial management.

Debt consolidation

On the other hand, debt consolidation has a similar process where a new and more favourable loan option is taken out to settle past obligations. The difference comes with the different forms of debt that need to be paid off and the general focus on compiling multiple debt obligations into one consolidated and convenient personal loan (which could also have more suitable rates, terms, and conditions).
However, at SocietyOne, you no longer have to search for personal loans Melbourne locals could apply for, or even those in Sydney or Brisbane. Not only can our finance products be used to refinance past loans or consolidate debts, but you can also use our personal loans to fund a whole range of big ideas you have.
With SocietyOne, you can finally plan the honeymoon you’ve been daydreaming about or turn that long-overdue holiday vacation with your loved ones into a reality. You could even think about your immediate desires and simply reward yourself for a job well done by purchasing a new or used car, boat, caravan, or home renovation.

How do I compare personal loan offers from different lenders?

Whether you’re finding out what personal loans Melbourne has in store for you or maybe searching for personal loans Adelaide-wide or personal loans Perth-wide, the process of comparing offers can be simplified in three steps. That’s harnessing the power of quotes, looking beyond the terms, and researching with intent.

  • Harness the power of quotes. First, you can leverage loan quotes for a quick and convenient comparison – all with no impact on your credit score. At SocietyOne, we even provide free quotes that can give you insight into what your rate could be, repayment duration and frequency, and more.
  • Look beyond the terms. However, it’s not just about the rate and other similar terms; it’s also about the benefits you can receive when opting for a personal loan offer. As an example, we at SocietyOne can bring you advantages like transparency, decisions in as little as one business day, no monthly ongoing fees, and no early repayment fees.
  • Research with intent. Lastly, you can navigate the world of finance and reference multiple reviews and ratings for certain offers. This will also give you an understanding of the industry expertise behind the personal loan you’re choosing. As such, aside from having over a decade of experience, the team at SocietyOne has captured many customer testimonials and five-star reviews you can read through.

With this, you don’t have to search for personal loans Melbourne-wide anymore or see what personal loans Melbourne has to offer, as you can join us at SocietyOne.
We understand that financial clarity shouldn’t be a luxury. It’s our mission to ensure every Aussie, regardless of whether they’re from cities like Melbourne or beyond, feels empowered, informed, and ready to make a decision that aligns with their needs and preferences.
We’re not just another financing service; we’re your dedicated partners, ready to help. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to us during our support hours, which are available on our website here.
Join us today at SocietyOne.


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