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Instant Cash Loans

Instant cash loans are a credit product that’s gaining a strong foothold in the lending market for its convenience and quick turnaround. It’s especially popular among digital lending platforms, with promises of zero interest, waived late repayment fees, or other attractive features.

Not all of these instant cash loans are accurately advertised, and certainly not all are legitimate. SocietyOne points out the common misconceptions about quick cash loans and whether or not they hold water.

What are the advantages of instant cash loans?

A common refrain among credit providers when it comes to an immediate cash loan is that they offer a quick loan application process, typically within the hour or business day. Other key advantages of instant cash loans are:

  • Completely online applications
  • Mobile apps you can access at any time
  • Same-business-day loan payouts

We at SocietyOne have these features for our credit products, as do many reputable credit providers and lending platforms – in and of themselves, these features are legitimate.

The concern regarding an instant money loan lender is how they plan to disburse instant cash loans.

Beware of phishing activity disguised as small quick cash loans

While there are reputable credit providers may accept loan repayments from e-wallets like Apple Pay or Google Pay, the same cannot be said regarding loan disbursements. There’s a serious reason why.

Many e-wallet scams involve sending people a fraudulent transfer that takes requires bank clearance, typically marked as some kind of product or service payment. The lender can file a dispute claiming you haven’t sent any proof of shipment or rendered any service. You will then be asked to provide proof of transaction. Since the fund transfer was cancelled on the sender’s end and you won’t be able to provide any receipts, funds may be taken out of your attached bank account as a refund.

Scammers have been known variations of this modus operandi to defraud people of hard-earned money, including disguising their activities as offers for instant cash loans or as quick cash online gifts. Be on high alert if your lender insists on transacting strictly through e-wallets or gift cards when you apply for a quick cash loan or is demanding access to your banking details.

SocietyOne will only send your loaned funds through your nominated bank. We also will never request your bank log-in details or any sensitive information, either through text message or email.

If you believe you’ve been receiving suspicious messages from persons claiming to be connected to us, contact our team via email at or through phone call at the numbers 1300 144 221 or 02 8397 9700 (Mondays to Fridays, 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. AEDT).

Find out more about your credit history

Identity theft and phishing attacks are the leading causes of credit fraud in the country.

One look at the fraud statistics of the Australian Payments Network is enough to illustrate our point; hundreds of millions of dollars have been stolen in credit fraud cases over the past year.

An effective way of finding out if you’ve been compromised is through a credit history report. SocietyOne is partnered with Experian (one of Australia's three official credit reporting agencies), and we continue to help people get their credit scores for free through our Credit Score tool.

The tool is available through our website and our mobile app (verified for both iOS and Android) and gives members unlimited access to exclusive credit-related resources geared towards bolstering personal credit management.

Take control of your credit now.

Can I still get instant cash loans online even after business hours?

Many credit providers offer instant cash loans that you can apply for at any time. This is a legitimate and practical offer – having to wait until a certain time of day to send in an application is inconvenient for many professionals who have dedicated working hours that coincide with traditional banking hours.

It’s important to note that if a credit provider guarantees fast loan approvals for all applicants regardless of their credit score (such as instant online loans for bad credit), it could be a red flag. Check the fine print immediately if you see phrases like ‘100% online loan instant approval guaranteed’ for instant cash loans, regardless of whether it’s for an unsecured car loan or a payday loan. Chances are high that there are hidden fees or exorbitant charges cumulatively worth more than what you’re borrowing.

Luckily, you won’t have to look further for a reliable lender that releases loans as quickly as possible. SocietyOne is an online credit provider, which means you don’t have to stick to traditional banking hours for our credit products and services. Our clients can apply at any time of the day through our website or mobile app, and we’ll process their applications within one business day.

SocietyOne is a regulated and licenced lending platform, which means the fine print for our credit interest rates and estimates is clearly indicated. Using our personal loans repayment calculator, borrowers can even estimate their desired loan amount and repayments before even committing to an application.

We also don’t charge you any early repayment or monthly fees. What you see in your loan agreement is what you repay, based on your loan terms.

How do I pay back my instant cash loans?

SocietyOne clients can repay their loan dues through direct debit from your nominated accounts for scheduled payments, either in fortnightly or monthly intervals. Advance loan repayments can be made at any time through the same channels as well.

If you’d like to make repayments through other channels, it’s best to enquire with our team first via email ( before sending your payments.

Loan terms for unsecured loans (no collateral required) are up to five years, while loan terms for secured loans (collateral required) are up to seven years. Two-year and three-year loan terms are also available.

Online loaning is only one of the many services we have at SocietyOne. On top of award-winning products like secured guarantor personal loans, debt consolidation, and green loans, we also offer our clients the chance to invest in loans and earn while using credit. We believe that good credit management should be incentivised, and we strive to consistently provide better loan terms than what most leading banks offer to professionals with strong credit scores.

Instant cash loans can be a great tool for improving standards of living and addressing urgent cash flow interruptions, and SocietyOne aims to offer the best deals suited for your unique credit history and personal needs.

Discover a whole new world of credit solutions with us – apply for a personal loan today!


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