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Many people take out loans to get fast cash to cover their expenses, such as buying a car or simply paying off medical bills. One of the best ways to get fast loans is online. Traditional banks typically take longer to process loans, so cash loans from online lenders may be the better option since you can apply for an online cash loan and get the funds from anywhere you are.

Need quick cash? SocietyOne is a leading online lending platform in Australia where you can get fast personal online loans conveniently. Our process is streamlined, so from start to finish, getting fast cash is hassle-free. Many SocietyOne users apply for a quick cash loan in under five minutes and get the funds in their account within one business day after approval.

There are all kinds of small quick cash loans you can get online so to improve your chances of landing the best quick cash online loan. First, learn about the common questions related to fast cash loans, such as the benefits of using a fast loan app, the possibility of getting two fast payday loans online, and the interest rates associated with getting internet loans.

What are the benefits of using loan apps for fast cash?

Using loan apps is one of the most practical ways to get fast cash in Australia. Below are some of the best benefits you can get from fast money loan apps:


With a loan app downloaded to your phone, you can access and apply for loans any time and anywhere. No need to queue in banks and loan companies as you can view your loan information from the comfort of your home.

Faster process

You can get fast cash when the loan process you go through is also quick. Because the application and approval processes of online loan apps are digitalised, they tend to be more efficient, so there are higher chances you can get the funds you need when you need them.

Competitive fees

Compared to traditional banks and credit unions, online lenders have lower overhead costs and usually don’t pay the same regulatory fees. This means they can offer their loan services to you at competitive rates as well.

SocietyOne has its own loan app – the SocietyOne App. You can access it from any Android or iOS device and from anywhere you are in Australia. On the app, you can view your SocietyOne personal loan balance, request loan statements, make extra payments, and request pay-out figures. You can also manage your finances better with SpendOne – where you can manage your everyday transactions – and SaveOne, which is designed to help you build your savings.

Is it possible to have two payday loans at once?

Quick payday loans are one of the easiest ways to get fast cash. A payday loan is a loan you can get to cover small or unexpected expenses, such as car and home repairs, and pay them off on your payday schedule. Some payday loans, like three-month payday loans, allow you to settle your loan for longer periods. Many people wonder if they can take out two quick cash payday loans at once, and the short answer is yes, it is possible to have two payday loans.

But remember that a payday loan is only a short-term solution to a financial crisis; it should be paid back as soon as your next paycheck arrives. Payday loans shouldn’t be used to fix long-term financial issues. It may also be harder to get second payday cash loans fast as the requirements for who is eligible can be more rigid.

At SocietyOne, you can borrow amounts from $5,000 up to $50,000 for unsecured loans and up to $70,000 for secured loans. We make it possible for you to borrow enough money to cover your expenses, so you don’t have to resort to taking out two payday loans at once anymore. The maximum loan term for our unsecured loan option is five years and seven years for the secured loan option, giving you ample time to repay your loan.

Will I pay a higher interest rate if I extend my internet loans?

Another major consideration when getting cash loans online to get fast cash is the interest rates. Generally, loans with longer terms have higher interest rates than short-term loans. The monthly repayments for longer terms, however, may be lower than that of shorter-term loans because the amount is spread out over a longer period. If you choose to extend your loan and your lender approves, you may have to pay higher interest rates.

At SocietyOne, the interest rate of your loan is risk-based, meaning the better your credit score is, the better your interest rates will be. The loan rates we offer are fixed as well, so you always know how much your repayments will be. We don’t charge ongoing monthly fees, early repayment fees, and hidden fees either.

We have a suite of low-interest small loans and other kinds of personal loans such as personal loans for students, car loans and motorbike loans, loans for renovations and a lot more. On our platform, you can get an estimate of your desired loan by requesting a personalised quote or using our personal loan repayment calculator. You can access your credit score for free here at SocietyOne.

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