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What is a personal unsecured loan?

An unsecured loan doesn’t require any assets as collateral, making it a good financial option if you don’t have or don’t want to use tangible assets but need money. It levels the playing field, ensuring everyone has access to financial tools to fulfil their dreams and aspirations. At SocietyOne, you could borrow an unsecured loan with terms of two, three, or five years.
Say you wish to consolidate your existing debts into one easy-to-manage payment to free up your monthly budget and eliminate your financial stress. An unsecured loan can help streamline your obligations and improve your financial situation.
Or perhaps you’re preparing for a life-changing event like a wedding and want to ensure it’s a day to remember. An unsecured loan could assist you in financing that dream wedding you’ve always envisioned without needing to attach an asset to your loan.
Furthermore, if you’re planning to make environmentally friendly improvements to your home, like installing solar panels, or maybe you’re just looking for a way to finance your next holiday adventure, an unsecured loan can help make these dreams a reality.
And let’s not forget those eyeing educational advancement – an unsecured loan can assist you in financing a postgraduate degree or professional certification that could open doors to career progression.
On the other end of the spectrum, SocietyOne also offers secured personal loans. These loans involve offering an asset, such as a car, caravan, motorbike, or boat, as security against the loan. It’s a preferred choice when you wish to leverage an owned asset to unlock greater benefits. This loan can be payable for up to seven years.
Secured loans often come with appealing advantages. As a result of the collateral, these loans can often offer a lower interest rate, larger loan amounts, and longer loan terms. This means your regular repayments can be more manageable, and you can spread the cost of a large purchase over a longer period of time.
Whichever loan you choose, SocietyOne is proud to provide a knowledgeable, confident, and trustworthy service to Australians. We’re here to guide and support you, understand your needs, and help you take control of your financial future.
Whether it’s making your dream wedding come true, bringing green energy to your home, or funding the trip of a lifetime, SocietyOne’s secured and unsecured personal loans are designed to empower you.