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What is a comparison rate on a personal loan?

The comparison rate on personal loans is a powerful tool designed to help you understand the true costs involved. This rate incorporates not only the interest rate but also the known fees and charges payable over the loan term, such as establishment fees. This way, you get a more transparent picture of what a personal loan will cost, with all significant elements condensed into a single percentage figure.
It helps you see beyond the advertised interest rate, factoring in other charges you’ll need to pay during the loan’s lifetime. It offers clarity, enabling you to compare different personal loans and discern any hidden fees or charges, so you won’t experience unwanted surprises later on.
Now, how is a comparison rate calculated, you might ask? The calculation considers the loan amount, term, frequency of repayment, interest rate, and known fees and charges. Remember, when comparing different loans using their comparison rates, make sure you’re comparing loans with similar amounts and terms. This ensures a fair, like-to-like comparison.
There is, however, an important point to keep in mind: a comparison rate does not include fees and charges that may only occur in the future, such as if the loan is varied or if a payment is late. Therefore, it’s crucial to read the terms and conditions of each personal loan offer carefully to fully understand all potential costs.
We at SocietyOne understand how crucial transparency and understanding are when it comes to making financial decisions. That’s why we ensure that our comparison rates are as transparent and comprehensive as possible, reflecting the trust and reliability that we stand for. To prove this, you can hover over this website to see how our comparison rate compares to other lenders.
Moreover, we pride ourselves on making complex financial concepts like comparison rates easy to understand and supporting our customers in their financial journey. We stand alongside our borrowers as a beacon of financial literacy, turning what can be an intimidating world of finance into a walk in the park. SocietyOne’s personal loans are fair, fast, and fully online.
Remember, personal loans can indeed be a valuable tool to help make your goals a reality, be it debt consolidation, home renovation, or car purchase. And understanding the comparison rate is an essential first step in making the most of your personal loan. So, don’t hesitate to take a step into the world of better, personalised deals with SocietyOne.