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How do I start refinancing?

Getting into refinancing can seem like a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether it’s personal loans or other types of loans, the process generally involves a series of steps. First, you need to identify your goals for refinancing. This could be to lower your monthly payments, improve your loan terms, or tap into your home equity.
Once you’ve set your goals, it’s essential to ensure your finances are in good shape before starting the refinancing process.
Next, it’s time to shop around. Look for the best rates and apply to refinance with multiple lenders. This allows you to compare their interest rates and fees. Once you’ve chosen a lender, you’ll need to complete a formal application and provide any necessary documents to verify your details and income. Finally, you’ll close on your new loan.
At SocietyOne, our personal loans are designed to offer a streamlined way to access financing. Instead of going through the often complex and time-consuming process typically associated with traditional loans, you can apply for a personal loan with us. This can be a more straightforward and efficient way to access the funds you need, whether it’s for debt consolidation, home renovations, or a car purchase.
To get started on your refinancing journey, all you need to do is begin our online process for applying for personal loans. We operate entirely online, making us accessible to anyone, anywhere in Australia, at any time. Our commitment to providing a superior customer experience has earned us recognition in the industry, but more importantly, the trust and loyalty of our customers.
What’s more, you decide how much you want to borrow and pay it back over the time that you choose.
As Australia’s leading digital finance platform, SocietyOne offers both unsecured and secured personal loans. With our unsecured loans, you can pay them off over two, three, or five years. Our secured loans, on the other hand, allow you to repay over two, three, five, or seven years with the loan secured against an asset.
We believe in a fairer, simpler, and faster approach to personal loans. Our risk-based pricing model means that the better your credit profile, the lower your rate. And with no hidden fees, you can manage your loan in a way that suits you best.