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Are there any fees?

We charge a one-off establishment fee that is included in your total loan amount. There are also no monthly fees or early repayment fees giving you the security of a fixed rate loan, with the flexibility to pay it off early. Visit our Rates & Fees page for further details.

Establishment fee‍

No up-front payments, just a one-off fee included in your total loan amount and paid over the life of the loan. Establishment fees range from: 0% with a maximum establishment fee of $645.

Overdue Account Fee

Payable when the repayment is 7 days overdue, and again every 14 days thereafter, until arrears are cleared or a cap of $210 is reached. Overdue account fee: $35 per Overdue Account Fee

Dishonour Fee

‍Payable each time a direct debit is dishonoured or your commitment to make a loan repayment is not met. Dishonour fee: $15 per dishonour

Early repayment fee

‍Some lenders charge you for paying your loan out early. We don't! Early repayment fee: $0