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Cash Advance Australia

Urgent needs require urgent solutions, and for many professionals experiencing a sudden cash gap, a cash advance Australia is a reasonable choice that many professionals and families opt for. Not all loans are built equally, however, and some caution must be exercised before delving into a loan commitment with a credit provider.

Here are some points to consider while looking into a cash advance Australia option, even if – or especially if – it’s just a small amount application.

Do all online lenders offer cash advance loans?

The answer is yes and no.

Online lenders typically offer two loan types: secured and unsecured loans. The difference between the two lies in the asset security requirement; secured loans need one, and unsecured loans do not.

The nuance is in interest rates and loan terms. There are a variety of interest rates that loan companies may impose, as well as additional charges like monthly fees or early payment charges. A cash advance Australia is customarily offered as unsecured online small cash loans with fixed rates, with loan terms as brief as 60 days and as long as 24 months.

At SocietyOne, our unsecured personal online loans have flexible term options of two, three, or five years. For secured loans, a seven-year option is available. All of our loans have fixed interest rates, and we don’t charge any early loan repayment or monthly fees – only what you see in your loan agreement is what you’re obligated to pay.

You can access all of this information – and our fast, 100% online application form – through our website or our mobile app.

Mobile credit at the tip of your fingers

Did you know that SocietyOne has a mobile app?

Our mobile app gives registered clients easy access to all of their transactions and SocietyOne resources through a lightweight but powerful portal. Through the app, users can check ongoing transactions and applications, review repayment schedules, update their account information, apply for personal loans, and so much more.

The SocietyOne mobile app is verified for both iOS and Android and can be downloaded directly through the App Store or the Google Play Store.

Is there a way to lower my cash advance interest rates?

The most effective way to lower interest rates in your cash advance Australia – or any cash online loan – is to develop a strong credit profile. That said, there is something you could try to lower your interest rates.

Credit providers are legally obligated to lend responsibly. This is part of credit regulations to protect both the borrower and the lender from prospective financial trauma. If you are being offered direct cash loans at high-interest rates, it’s possible that the amount for the short-term loan you intend to apply for is too high for your current credit score.

SocietyOne is a licenced and registered credit platform that offers personal loans at more competitive rates than most major banks offer. This is because we use a risk-based approach, which means we can give you a better deal the better your credit score is.

Our team at SocietyOne is always happy to help. Contact us through or call us at either 1300 144 221 or 02 8397 9700. Our phone support is active Mondays to Fridays, 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. AEDT.

Can I apply for a cash advance again if my application is rejected?

Truthfully, yes. You can apply for a cash advance in Australia again after an application has been rejected, even immediately after getting your notification regarding the application. However, you might want to refrain from applying for cash advances online and wait a bit.

A big reason for credit providers to reject an application is the presence of bad loans.

When we say bad loans, we mean loans that you’ve defaulted or missed repayments. You may not even be aware you have any such loans – identity theft is a leading cause of credit fraud globally, and you may have been exposed to such an attack.

This is why regularly asking for your credit score is invaluable. SocietyOne offers a free credit score preview through our platform. We’ve partnered with Experian, an official credit reporting agency, to provide you with insights into your credit score.

You can also join our Credit Score Club, which provides comprehensive guides and resources on improving your credit score. It is obligation-free as well – you aren’t required to have an ongoing cash advance Australia loan with us to sign up and join. Just register a SocietyOne account through our website or mobile app. If you haven’t got one yet, then go to the Credit Score page and click the ‘Get My Score’ button. It’s that simple.

You could be on your way to a healthier and stronger credit score with the help of the Credit Score Club, which gives unlimited access to real-time credit rating previews and powerful insights into credit management.

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