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Car Loan Broker

Nowadays, owning a car is more of a necessity than a luxury, but paying for the total cost upfront can be a hassle. A car loan broker can help you find the best loans based on your credit score, budget, and auto needs.

But look no further – at SocietyOne, we make applying for personal loans quick and easy so that you can get your dream car with no fuss.

Is it expensive to work with a car loan broker?

Some car loan brokers offer their services for free because they work on commission, meaning they get paid by the lenders instead. Others may charge a set fee or a percentage of the loan amount.

When applying for a personal loan with SocietyOne, you only need to consider the loan amount, the fixed interest rate, and the establishment fee. You won’t have to worry about extra charges like balloon payments because we keep fixed rates. There are no hidden fees or early repayment charges either.

What questions should I ask my car finance broker?

Here are a couple of questions to ask your car finance broker to prepare for your car loan application:

What’s the actual rate?

Before making the final decision on your car loan, ask your broker about the annual percentage rate or APR. The APR is all the fees included in the personal loan so that there are no surprises in terms of payment. We highly recommend that you learn about your credit score and ensure all the details in your credit report are accurate – the better your credit profile, the lower your rate.

With SocietyOne, you can easily check your credit score and get an online estimate of your loan rates. Try out our personal loan repayment calculator to get a rate on your loan in as little as two minutes!

Can I pay my car loan early?

Some car loan companies charge you for early loan repayment fees, so clear this with your loan broker beforehand. At SocietyOne, we don’t charge any early repayment fees to make it easy for you to pay off your car loan debt.

How does the lending process work?

Ask your finance broker all about the lending process. Ask what you’ll need to get the loan process started, what documents they need from you, the payment terms, and fees that finance and loan companies may charge.

How long will the process take?

Car loan lenders have different processes, and your broker can estimate how long it takes among different lenders. SocietyOne makes it easy to apply for personal loans. You can apply within five minutes and receive your funds in as little as one business day.

One way you can help speed up the process is by ensuring you provide all the correct details and all the documents needed. Minor issues, such as incorrect information or missing documents, could cause a delay in the approval of your loan.

How do I compare car loan broker services?

When choosing a car loan broker, you’ll want to compare all the different ones you come across to find the right one for you. A few things you need to look at are their accreditations, their licencing, their experience, and how easy it is to apply for their services.

Thankfully, you don't have to worry about any of these things with SocietyOne! To help you get that dream car, we offer car loan services.

You can choose between our secured and unsecured options. You can borrow between $5,000 and $50,000 in an unsecured loan, with terms ranging from two to five years. A secured loan is an option if you have an eligible asset, which allows you to borrow from $5,000 to $70,000, with repayment terms from two to seven years.

Unlike traditional car finance, you will never have to worry about balloon payments with us. You can get a car with all the extras, but rest assured that our car loans won’t. With SocietyOne, you can also borrow more than your preferred new or used car is worth. This makes it possible to invest in car improvements, registration fees, and even debt consolidation.

Apply for a personal loan with SocietyOne and get your dream car!

At SocietyOne, it’s exceptionally easy to apply for a personal loan. All you have to do is get your rate, fill out an application form, and wait for your loan to be processed. It’s a straightforward process, and you can receive your funds within one business day after approval.

We help thousands of Australians access funds daily to meet a wide range of needs. We also offer bike loans, personal loans for students, renovation loans, and more. Let us help you by providing you with a personal loan to get your dream car through our online lending process. Apply online today!


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