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Don’t make do, make awesome

Why make do, when you can make awesome? There’s never a right time to outlay large financial costs, but sometimes, it’s worth it.
Don’t make do, make awesome

If this year has taught us anything, it's that there's never a time like the present. Need a new car, kitchen or bathroom? Been hanging to do an extension?

Sure, you can DIY a few things. A quick paint, a new shelving unit. But at SocietyOne, we have a better idea. Why make do, when you can make awesome? There's never a right time to outlay large financial costs, but sometimes, it's worth it.

Getting a car to match your needs

Whether you're buying your first car or making an upgrade, getting a car that matches your needs is key. To figure out exactly what you need, ask yourself a few questions, like:

  • How many passengers will you carry?
  • What type of driving do you do?
  • What are your need-to-haves? (Reverse camera? Big boot? Four doors?)
  • Will you be doing any towing?
  • How much garage space do you have?

Try and think a little ahead when you're asking yourself these questions. If you don't have children but are planning on expanding your family soon, then you may want to consider opting for a larger car.

When you figure out what you need, set your budget. Then, look into your finance options. Are you able to secure a loan? Or do you need to opt for an unsecured loan? There's no right or wrong answer, so whichever loan your financial situation aligns with best will be the option that's right for you.

Either way, don't settle! On average, Aussies keep their cars for around 10 years, so you're in it for the long haul. If you find the right set of wheels, don't make do. Make awesome.

Creating awesome home spaces

A lot of us have been working from home thanks to COVID. And it's likely a lot of us will continue to work from home as attitudes towards remote work shift around the country, and it becomes the norm.

With that in mind, you may want to switch the dining room table for a fully-functioning home office. You could:

  • Build it into your bedroom
  • Link it to your living area with a single shelf
  • Utilise a corner
  • Create a flip-down desk.

The opportunities are endless, and having a dedicated space to work and study separate from your main living can ultimately help you lead a better work/life balance. And that's priceless.

Also, if you've been working from home, you've likely been working out from home. If you've enjoyed the change of scenery, why not set your own home gym up?

If you've already got a spare room, you could set it up there. Otherwise, you could consider setting up a shed in your background (space permitting). The average shed can cost around $2,000, but depending on what specs you're after, it can reach up to $10,000.

You can kit out your gym with all the weights and gear for around $2,000. Then, you can look forward to effective workouts on your own schedule. This means putting time back in your day for the things that matter!

Improving your home - and adding real value

After spending so much time at home, you've probably noticed a couple cracks in the wall, chips in the countertops...or you've just gotten sick of your surroundings.

Home renovations can be costly, but they can add some serious value to your home. On average, a basic custom kitchen renovation can cost around $10,000, but it can add up to $60,000 to your property's value.

Even small cosmetic fixes, like replacing tapware, painting old tiles or refreshing your cupboards can have your house - and you - feeling fresh again, just in time for summer.

Bottom line? They're worth it. And if they're not within your immediate budget, don't stress. A personal loan can help you avoid adding to your mortgage and incurring additional interest.

Just remember, do your research into personal loans before you jump in. SocietyOne offers competitive personal loans, so you can bring your dreams to life!

Give your debt a makeover

Australians have around $32 billion worth of debt on our collective credit cards. And juggling multiple debts isn't uncommon either.

If you're paying off two existing debts, like a credit card and a loan, it can be tricky to manage the different interest rates, fees and repayment dates. But, a personal loan could help you consolidate your debts into one loan...and only make repayments towards that personal loan.

It means you'll be paying a single interest rate, set of fees and charges, and managing the same repayment dates.

Just remember, your credit score can impact your chances of finance approval - and your interest rate - when applying for a loan. You can check it for free here at SocietyOne! Our credit score report will provide you with powerful insights, to see how banks and lenders view your score.

Get a personal loan today!

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