Home Renovation

Adding value to your property

The possibilities are endless for improving your property; see the renovations that stand to give you the best returns on your investment.
Adding value to your property

Spice up the kitchen

The home is defined by its functional rooms --- places where people spend most of their time, engaged by their surroundings. This is why a top-notch kitchen is widely acknowledged as the primary improvement for boosting the value of a property.

Kitchen upgrades for adding value:

  • A layout that maximises space and social interaction
  • Modern finishes on surfaces and cabinets
  • Large, bright windows that let in plenty of light
  • Trendy or classic styles on plumbing, taps and light fittings
  • A new stove and spacious, easy-access oven
  • Brand new appliances (especially in furnished rentals)

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Freshen up the bathroom

No matter how beautiful the home, a withering bathroom can still turn away potential buyers and tenants. Cosmetic refurbishments (like tile paint and a new shower head) may help but fixed features like tiles, pipes and the bathtub, can be a dead giveaway of age and condition.

Bathroom renovations that make a difference:

  • Professionally installed on-trend tiles
  • Matching sink and bathtub (if applicable) in a modern design
  • New vanity with a large mirror
  • Spacious shower recess
  • Bright windows or a skylight
  • Plumbing that's either concealed or stylishly featured
  • Coordinated look and feel, with matching taps and fittings

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Create entertaining outdoor spaces

Well-defined spaces for entertaining makes the prospect of a new home, and a new lifestyle, all the more real --- especially when buyers and tenants can ride the high, and host a fully featured housewarming as soon as they've unpacked.

Elements of a 'move in'-ready entertainment area:

  • Decking and a pergola to designate a 'sitting zone'
  • Attractive fencing, or fence coverings
  • A landscaped or freshly planted garden
  • Social food preparation areas (eg. a fixed barbecue or outdoor kitchen)
  • Spaces for play (eg. a new lawn, spa or backyard pool)

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Improve the environment

Ambience can have a noticeable impact on our moods and general well-being over time. Although a homebuyer can easily remedy dark and chilly rooms with lamps and furnishings, starting out with bright and comfortable surrounds can help reinforce your original asking price.

Creature comforts worth considering:

  • Reverse cycle air-conditioning --- suitable year-round, regardless of climate
  • In-floor heating in areas with colder winters
  • Paint, flooring and window-coverings selected to maximise room brightness
  • Sealed windows to maintain indoor temperature
  • Garden plants chosen for minimise or maximise shade
  • Heated lamps and towel rack in the bathroom

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